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Shore Fishing

Shore Jigging

A technique that requires strong reeds with fuji alconite guides to withstand the friction of the yarn and possible mechanisms traction and durability. Proposed for this technique: Reed Shimano Speedmaster pg with action 21-125g strong and reliable value. Price from 170 €. Mechanism Occuma
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The technique of spinning is divided into 3 categories with reeds characterized from medium, light kai hard depending on the bait you use. For more information see the Blog: and Proposed rod for someone who wants to learn this technique is Savager
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Boat Fishing

Squid bait

See selected bait for squid
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An excellent technique especially for those who like fishing Sea Bream. Soft reeds while heavy duty. Recommended is the reed from Shimano Yasei 18 - 45gr worth 150 euro and mechanism Shimano Aceration 4000 worth 200 euros. See Simano catalogue --> Επιλεγμένα τεχνητά
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Muline for every type of spearfishing
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Seac dry bag

A tight bag for large equipment which can hold up to two equipment with valve to rinse the equipment inside. Excellent manufacture offer from 74 € 60 €.
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